Soffit & Fascia Replacement in Bedfordshire

What is a Soffit?

Roof soffit boards run across the underside of your roofline, with the purpose of protecting the underside of the rafter feet. The expanded core of the soffit is lightweight, whilst the highly polished surface acts as a seal to water damage.

You can see if your roof has one (not all roofs do) by standing under the roof’s overhang and look up.

Modern soffits are often made from uPVC. Fascias and soffits made of UPVC are durable and can withstand moisture. Wooden soffits can be a charming, period-style feature. However, they are more susceptible to decay and rot quickly, which could compromise the integrity of the roof structure.

GC Woburn Fascia & Soffit Replacement Bedfordshire offer professional Soffit & Fascia Board Replacement to clients throughout Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Woburn, Dunstable, Flitwick and all over Bedfordshire.

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Why replace fascias and soffits with uPVC instead of wooden fascias and soffits?

Although they are beautiful, wooden fascia boards or soffits can be expensive and wood is difficult to maintain. Hence, uPVC fascia boards and soffits are the preferred material for replacing fascias and soffits.

Our uPVC soffits and fascias are aesthetically pleasing and offer high performance, and all at an unbeatable cost!

The extensive selection of roofline products we offer meets all homeowner’s needs, and they are more affordable than expensive, high-maintenance options.

Fascias and soffits made of uPVC can, and will, enhance the exterior appearance of your home.

Guttering and Fascia replacement GC Woburn UPVC Ltd

We are experts in stocking high-performance uPVC products at GC Woburn uPVC!

All our products are available in many colours:

Fascia & Soffit Material - Advantages & Disadvantages

uPVC Soffit & Facias

Timber Fascias and Soffits

Replacing roofline products

You should call us, the professional tradespeople, to replace soffits, fascias, and guttering. It can be hazardous for your safety and the safety of your property to work on a roof. Homeowners that take on the task themselves have a risk of falling from a height. Especially if they don’t have the right scaffolding, safety equipment, or training.

A professional from GC Woburn Fascia & Soffit Replacement Bedfordshire, will also know how to inspect the existing roof felt and tiles properly.


GC Woburn UPVC Ltd Roofline products

Cost of New Soffits

The soffit replacement costs will largely depend on how big your home is and what products you choose. (Material costs).

It will be worth the cost to replace your soffits, fascias and guttering. It will not only make your home more attractive but protect it from weather damage.

The Structural Role of Replacement Fascia

A uPVC roofline is a great way to give your property a facelift and curb appeal. But it does so much more. It not only supports the lowest level of tiles but also provides guttering and structural support for buildings.

Controlling humidity and preventing water damage achieves this. This is especially important for loft and roof spaces. Essentially, the uPVC fascia board helps keep a property warm and dry while also providing protection from rainwater. Our roofline provides thermal insulation, which helps regulate temperature and reduce carbon emissions.

Message us to see our selection of high-quality, affordable fascia and how it can transform your property. There are many options to choose from and essential accessories to help you find the right product. We are confident that you will enjoy exceptional products and great value with our carefully selected range of finishes.

Fascia boards & Soffit Replacement

Should I replace fascias and soffits at the same time?

Although it is not necessary to replace both old fascias and soffits at the same time, it is highly recommended to do so to prevent rot, mould, and leaks.

To ensure your home’s future security, GC Woburn Fascia & Soffit Replacement Bedfordshire recommends a complete replacement service. Having all work performed at once could also save money on labour costs in the future.


We also recommend looking into a guttering replacement too, to help you save money on labour costs.

If you are considering having new fascias & soffits installed it might be a good idea to have the gutters replaced at the same time. It would also help you save money on hiring scaffolding again in the future if they need repairing or replacing.

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GC Woburn Fascia & Soffit Replacement Bedfordshire are experts in uPVC roofing and cladding. Everyone trusts us to provide the best fascia solutions for homeowners.

We are committed to providing durable, high-performance products at affordable prices. This is why we do our best to ensure that we only stock the highest quality. Our growing list of repeat customers supports our determination to exceed customer expectations.


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The fascia is an exposed band that covers the edge and roof of a house. The soffit, on the other hand, lies flat beneath the fascia and connects the house’s side to the edge.

A uPVC soffit is a flat board that is tucked away under the fascia board.

Soffits bridge the gap between the wall and the roofline on the underside of a building. Fascias are boards that have exterior elements attached to them, like your home’s guttering.

Old fascia and soffit boards may contain asbestos. If you suspect this may be the case, do not go near the boards until you have them checked by a professional for safety reasons.

Every house requires quality soffits. They add aesthetic value to your home and seal it from the outside elements. They also protect your roof rafters from moisture.

Install the soffit first, then the fascia. Because it will affect the location of all other roofing elements. Then the guttering system goes on.

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